Strength & Honor

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Selected Excerpts

On the left is a menu of a few selected excerpts from the book. A complete list of chapters follows. In between each chapter is a one-page "postcard" about other vets, many about how they were treated when they came home.

Joseph L. Galloway (correspondent)

One Bad Day

R.J. Del Vecchio (US Marine grunt photographer)

Grunt Melody
Norm McDonald (US Army grunt)

Take Another Little Piece of My Heart
David Wallace (US Navy Swift Boat OinC)

Honor and Pride
Dexter Lehtinen (US Army grunt platoon leader)

Everybody Knows . . .
B.G. Burkett (US Army Lt.)

Helicopter Pilot Factory
Ron Current (US Army Dustoff pilot)

So Others May Live
Ron Current (US Army Dustoff pilot)

LRRPs and Small Men
Larry Hogan (US Army LRRP)

Magnet Ass
Andy Burleigh (US Army Loach pilot)

Shipmates Forever
Alex Nides (US Navy sailor)

The Snake and the Ox
Terry Garlock (US Army Cobra pilot)

The Burden of Angry Skipper 6
Bill Neal (US Army grunt company commander)

Thank You Mrs. Gussye Roughton
Larry Bailey (US Navy SEAL)

Balls of Steel
Nick Donvito (US Army grunt)

In the Valley of Death
Tony Armstrong (US Army Cobra pilot)

Charlie's Elephant Walk
Nick Stevens (USAF B-52 pilot)

Ghosts of Torment, Ghosts of Love
Donald Johnson (US Marine grunt)

Just One Life
Donna Rowe (US Army nurse, triage Cpt.)

Robin Hood & Brotherhood
Wayne King (US Army helicopter pilot)

To Return With Honor
James Warner (US Marine F-4 pilot, POW)

A Story Never Told
John O'Neill (US Navy Swift Boat OinC)

Steve Crimm (US Army Loach pilot)

Going Home
Alan Walsh (US Army Dustoff pilot)

Claude Newby (US Army chaplain)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Terry Garlock's version of what really happened in Vietnam

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